How It Works

At Earn340, we’ve simplified the concept of financial growth through network expansion. Here’s a step-by-step guide to understand how our platform works, fostering an ecosystem of shared success:

1. Choose Your Package: Begin your journey by selecting a package that suits your preferences and financial goals. We offer a range of packages, from as little as $5 to as much as $2000.

2. Package Distribution: After your purchase, the package value is split into five shares. Here’s how it works:

3. Unlock Your Referral Codes: With your membership, you’ll receive four unique referral codes. These codes are your gateway to unlocking a multitude of income opportunities.

4. Refer and Earn: Utilize your referral codes to invite new members to the Earn340 community. Each new member joining with your code gives you a share of 85 from their package purchase.

5. Auto-Select Referral Feature: In case you can’t find four new referrals, don’t worry! We have an Auto-Select feature that helps locate new referrals for you from our global member directory according to your package. This feature ensures that your earning process continues smoothly, regardless of your personal network size.

6. Experience Exponential Growth: The potential for earning multiplies with each new member you refer. By earning 85 shares per referral and having 4 referrals per package, you receive a total of 340 shares on each package you purchase. This leads to exponential financial growth.

7. Immediate Payout: We believe in immediate gratification. As soon as a new member signs up using your referral code and purchased any product, your payment is processed. You don’t need to wait for any specific targets or timelines to get your payout.

8. Secure Transactions via Binance: To ensure your transactions are seamless, reliable, and secure, all financial activities are carried out through the Binance platform.

Remember, at Earn340, your network is your net worth. The larger you grow your network, the higher your earnings. We’re committed to providing an enriching and rewarding financial journey. Join us today and let’s grow together with Earn340!